Jack VernonJack Vernon
Great driver ‘said the examiner’
I think that the LDC way of learning and preparing for test is very helpful and gives you a clear indication of where you are at in your learning journey, for example through the use of the master progress chart and the reflecting & planning of lessons. I like the use of pre-lesson plans & the scale system. I think 2hr driving lessons also helped a lot compared to 1hr. The LDC way of learning is a lot more structured than previous driving instructors I have had, this is shown because I failed twice with my old instructor but passed 1st time with Jackie.

Megan WoodsMegan Woods
Passed 1st time!
Workbook is extremely helpful and made me a lot more confident. Jackie was very patient, helpful, great with explaining things. The learning method is very helpful & explains each manouvre very well. The theory preparation is great & definitely helped me pass.

Oliver PartonOliver Parton
Passed 1st time!
Jackie is a great instructor as she is calm and teaches you in an efficient way in order for you to pass 1st time! The workbook is the best way to learn and recap. Jackie is great instructor because she cares about you passing as much as you do and can get along with her great.

Alana BeresfordAlana Beresford
Passed 1st time in rush hour traffic!
Lots of help & good knowledge given to build my confidence in driving. LDC Workbook was really helpful & Jackie had all the lessons planned & was very organised.

Kylie BallKylie Ball
Great Drive!
Jackie was very helpful & calm whilst teaching me to drive. She pushed me to drive to the best of my abilities & always came in time. The workbook was very helpful for theory test revision and to recap before and after lessons. Would recommend jackie to everyone.

Harry VernonHarry Vernon
Passed 1’st time!!
The system was perfect to take me from a complete beginner all the way to test ready. The learning book and emphasis on student helps drivers to develop. All of the resources online and in the workbook helped me pass my theory first time. Jackie was patient and helped me to take me from complete beginner and always provided useful feedback and ways of learning.

Maxine BakerMaxine Baker
Great pass!!
Jackie is fantastic, she is very patient and understanding & her tips are brilliant to help to remember things. Couldn’t have done any of it without her help & understanding. Big massive thank you!

James Harris James Harris
Passed 1st time!!
Very good, I knew what I was going to be doing each lesson and reviewed how I had done each lesson, this helped me to know what I was going to be working on each lesson. Spent lots of time making sure that each part of my driving was good so when it came to the test I would pass.

Laura HeathLaura Heath
Confident Drive
Jackie has been great. Lovely Instructor. Made me into a better driver & more confident towards my driving. Very grateful for what she has done. Thank you so much.

Paige SammonsPaige Sammons
Passed 1st time!!
With only 10 hours of lessons Jackie made sure that I was to test standard. She made me feel confident & reassured me all the way. I like the student centred learning aspect of driving as it meant I could work on what I thought I needed to work on, I am very grateful to Jackie for guiding me. Looking at visual aids to describe positioning & other aspects of driving really helped. I would definitely recommend Jackie to other students.

Reece OwenReece Owen
Passed with only 5 Driving Faults!
Follows very structured learning course A good feedback at start and end of every lesson, very helpful in seeing in which areas improvements need to be made The workbook was very useful as I could read up on manouvers at home to practice, my instructor uses the same launguage/terms as the book, aiding learning and understanding Helpful constructive criticism, good explanation, when mistakes made, very helpful to a potentially nervous driver The diagrams are very helpful at understanding road positions etc My instructor was very nice and easy to get on with and learn from I would definitely recommend my instructor to a learner If you benefit from structured learning alike to that in school, but with more support, this is the best way to learn

Mitchell SitchonMitchell Sitchon
Passed with only 5 Driving Faults!
Jackie was great providing me with all the necessary methods of teaching in order for me to learn and pass my driving test.

Adam ThorleyAdam Thorley
Passed 1'st time with ONLY 35 hours of lessons!
Jackie has been very patient with me and my learning process since day 1. In addition she's helped me correct any mistakes I kept making and stayed calm though it all. Every lesson I've had she was on time, if there was an issue or change of plan she let me know in advance. In the end I wouldn't ask for a better instructor who has helped me achieve this very important mile stone.


Kirsty Allen
Passed 1st Time!!
Jackie is a fabulous instructor with a patient approach. She always made me feel at ease & supported me throughout. She explains things clearly & always compliments me when deserved. I would highly recommend her to new learners. The Student Workbook has assisted me greatly throughout my lessons. It explains everything clearly & is structured well.

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